This is my Liz Taylor

This is my Liz Taylor

She was quite a woman. She was a rancher, an artist, a fiddle player, a coyote trapper, and a writer who wrote her column, Meanwhile Back at the Ranch, in the Mouse River Farmers Press from January 1980 up to her hospitalization with ovarian cancer in October of 2008. She was my mother. I found the scrapbooks of her first columns, so I’m digitizing them, typing them up is another way to put it. For me, it’s morning coffee and a visit with mom, nearly four years after her passing. If you decide to read them, I hope you enjoy them, too. You can see some of her artwork as prints at my website Back at the ranch, Ryan Taylor


4 comments on “This is my Liz Taylor

  1. Never met anyone who didn’t appreciate friendship with Bud and Liz. Best place in the world to visit.

  2. Shirley Smith says:

    “My goodness”, didn’t think I should say my God, I certainly did enjoy reading her first column of January of 1980. She must have been a very special lady, with a great sence of humoras as well as artistically talanted.

  3. sanford slinde says:

    Ryan, this brings back a memory of my first meeting your mother. I was put in charge of resolutions at our dist.convention,(probably 1982) so called a committee meeting of several Dist. 7 people including your mother. It was my first involvement and not knowing quite what was expected, Liz said something like, “Its resolutions, we can say whatever we want!” So we made a resolution demanding the immediate impeachment of Pres.Ronald Reagan. Great hit at the convention!

  4. Pete Gjovik says:

    I worked for the Mouse River Farmers Press from 1980-81. The highlight of the week for me was getting to read your mom’s column before the general public got to see it. I look forward to reading these columns again as you release them. She was blessed with down home common sense and humor—a wonderful combination.

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